Hi, my name is Ole Weidner. I am a technology consultant, software engineer, computer science researcher and bon vivant hailing from Flensburg, Germany. I work full-time in the US as the technical lead of the SAGA project at the Cloud and Autonomic Computing Center at Rutgers University. To counter-balance the everyday hassle of software project management, I also pursue a Ph.D in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh under the supervision of Prof. Malcolm Atkinson and Prof. Shantenu Jha.

My primary research interests lie at the intersection of computational science & engineering and distributed high-performance and data-intensive computing. I am particularly interested in a class of emerging science applications that exhibit dynamic data-intensive properties, such as next-generation genomics and transcriptomics workflows and large, sensor and instrument driven experiments and simulations. My current research is focusing on the theoretical foundations, abstractions and software systems that are required to automatically partition and distribute dynamic, data-intensive application workloads in large-scale, distributed cyberinfrastructure environments (like XSEDE and OSG).  I work on the classification, categorization and automatic detection of data-related workload metrics and on novel placement and distribution mechanisms (“schedulers” – in the widest sense of the word) that can exploit these metrics to (hopefully) make intelligent decisions.

I enjoy spending my copious amounts of free time racing bicycles, both on the road and at the track. Growing up a stone’s throw away  from the shores of the Baltic Sea, I’m also an enthusiastic surfer, kitesurfer and sailor. If the weather does not permit any of these activities, I like to spend my time tinkering with electronic circuits and low-cost microprocessors (like the Arduino) and conceiving obscure new project ideas.